Citterio Pronti®

• 16 convenient pre-sliced pieces per package for parties, picnics, hiking, biking, fishing, entertaining, traveling, or snacking.

• Protein-rich grab-and-go snack with upscale flavor profiles

• Quick-and-easy to add to an antipasto, hors d’oeuvres, salads, pizza, and pasta sauceGenoaPronti

• Four popular varieties of Citterio’s traditional Italian-style Chubs are available – with the casing removed,freshly pre-sliced and sealed – in unique Salumi Pronti packages.

SopressataProntiSalame Genoa Pronti®

Aromatic spices are combined with choice pork cuts, slowly aged to give this Salame distinctive flavor and richness.


Salame sopressata Pronti®

Subtly seasoned, authentic with the taste and texture of coarsely ground cuts of fresh pork.


Salame napoli Piccante Pronti®

Made according to an original Southern Italian recipe, a favorite because of its delicately spicy sweetness.


Salame di Vino Rosso Pronti ®

This mouth-watering Salame is infused with high quality Chianti wine, dry-cured, and aged to perfection.



Salame Genoa & Provolone cheese Pronti®

Our premium Genoa Salame paired with a Provolone Cheese.