Citterio Nature's Deli®

The Citterio Nature's Deli line is a healthy and innovative way to enjoy our Italian-Style Specialties.

  • All items are made with All-Natural Ingredients
  • Environmentally conscious ("green") packaging. Appealing paper packaging which is ECO friendly – using 34% less plastic.

Nature's Deli® Prosciutto

NaturesDeliProsciuttoThe Citterio Nature's Deli Prosciutto is Gluten Free, Low in Cholesterol, Low Fat, and made with NO Artificial Ingredients.

Citterio Prosciutto is made here in the States just as we do in Italy. Our Curing Masters concentrate on bringing out its pure, traditionally Italian taste and flavor. They do this through their intentionally unhurried aging program, up to a year or more.


Nature's Deli® Pancetta

NaturesDeliPancettaOur Pancetta is Gluten Free and made with NO Artificial Ingredients.

Pancetta is usually referred to as Italian-Style bacon, but with a delicious difference! Made from the same cut of pork as conventional bacon, ours is leaner, with its own distinctive flavor. Not smoked, no water added. Tightly rolled into a Salame-like shape, it's delicately seasoned and slowly aged to develop the special, traditionally Italian flavor so popular with chefs.


NaturesDeliHamNature's Deli® Oven Roasted Ham

The Citterio Nature's Deli Oven Roasted Ham is Gluten Free, Low in Cholesterol, Low Fat, and made with NO Artificial Ingredients.

Premium-quality pork plus slow-oven roasting ensure melt-in-you-mouth tenderness. Its honest, clean ham tastes - mainly by itself in a toasted Ciabatta with a favorite spread - will make it especially popular.


Nature's Deli® Roasted Rosemary Ham

NaturesDeliRosemaryHamThe Roasted Rosemary Ham is Gluten Free, Low in Cholesterol, Low Fat, and made with NO artificial Ingredients.

Our Rosemary Ham is massaged with dried Rosemary, then slow-oven roasted to develop its delicately aromatic taste and bring out its tenderness. Use as a flavor highlight in salads or in a Panini.


Nature's Deli® Oven Roasted Turkey Breast - Coming Soon!

NaturesDeliTurkeyOur Turkey Breast is Gluten Free, 99% Fat Free, and made with NO Artificial Ingredients; from whole lobe Turkey Breast Meat.

Turkey is a traditional favorite for sandwiches and salads. We use only premium-quality, whole lobe Turkey Breast. combine with delicate, Italian flavoring and slow oven roasting create a tender, country-fresh taste that can be enjoyed in many recipes.