Citterio Fresco®

  • In Italian “fresco” means “fresh”. Below are the many Citterio specialties available in this revolutionary packaging system that ensures just-sliced taste.
  • In each of these unique packages, we capture and lock in the unparalleled quality, flavor and color of our specialty meats. It’s just like each one is being sliced and gently layered right before your eyes.
  • You'll love the convenience of being able to keep these selections (refrigerated) for several days before serving them — fully confident that you will thoroughly enjoy the deli-like freshness and flavor of Italian specialty meats recognized as the finest anywhere.
  • We’ve rounded out our unique CITTERIO fresco® line to include the authentic Prosciutto di Parma. Also, you can enjoy the ready-serve-and-enjoy convenience of Citterio’s innovative “combo” packs. These include a combination of Sopressata with Asiago Cheese as well as one with Genoa Salame and Provolone Cheese.
  • On a daily basis, we prepare and save the freshly sliced quality of our specialties in these distinctive CITTERIO fresco packages. We deliver them every day to ensure the just-sliced freshness.
  • The unique technology behind this packaging system enables us to select and slice each of our specialties right at the peak of their aging or roasting. The portion-controlled slices are layered into each package ... oxygen is immediately removed. At the same time, a layer of film locks in the container’s “controlled atmosphere” that preserves the quality, flavor and just-sliced freshness of the slices.
  • Citterio's world-renowned specialties are very much in demand among lovers of fine food throughout this country. Our name represents a commitment to quality in the making ever since 1878 with the founding of our parent firm in Italy. Today, high in the clean, dry air of Pennsylvania's mountains, Citterio also creates its classic specialties for the US market — all of them authentic and traditionally Italian.

Prosciutto Fresco ®

FrescoProsciutto All natural, no preservatives, nothing artificial. Here in the States – just as they do in Italy – Citterio’s Curing Masters concentrate on bringing out its pure, traditionally Italian taste and flavor. They do so through their intentionally unhurried aging program, up to a year or more. Ideal for tie-in sales with Italian wines, bread, fresh melon, figs or pears.
4oz (113g) pre-sliced package

Speck Fresco ®

FrescoSpeck Natural wood-smoked version of Prosciutto. Popular for centuries, for Antipasto or in cooking. This noble delicacy originated in Italy’s far North but, today, it’s appreciated the world over. Our version is sensitively and slowly smoked to fully develop its tender texture. Adds intriguing tastes to salads (arugula and roasted chestnuts!!) in risotto or pasta.
4oz (113g) pre-sliced package

Bresaola Fresco ®

FrescoBresaola Delicately seasoned, air-dried beef – 98% lean, high in protein and flavor. Pronounced breh-ZOW-lah, it’s ideal for traditional Antipasto. Italians enjoy it in its simplest form: thin slices, lightly drizzled with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, fresh lemon juice, and sprinkles of black pepper. Cross-promote it with fresh salads, crusty breads and fine Italian wines.
4oz (113g) pre-sliced package

Sopresssata Fresco ®

FrescoSopressata Sopressata: Citterio’s signature version of a long-time favorite. The rich, traditional flavor is brought out by natural, deliberately slow aging. Subtly seasoned, authentic with the taste and texture of coarsely ground cuts of fresh pork. Typical of hand-cut specialties made in old-country kitchens. Popular as an Antipasto with Italian bread, wine and cheese.
4oz (113g) pre-sliced package

Rosmarino® Fresco ®

FrescoRosmarino This popular Citterio Ham is massaged with dried Rosemary, then slow-oven roasted to develop its delicately aromatic taste and bring out its tenderness. It’s especially popular as a flavor highlight in salads or in a Panino (e.g., with Fontina, tomato). Also, you can merchandise this delicacy as an hors d’oeuvre with marinated artichokes or raw vegetables.
4oz (113g) pre-sliced package

Pancetta Fresco ®

FrescoPancetta Premium Italian-style bacon, but with a delicious difference! Made from the same cut of pork as conventional bacon, ours is leaner, with its own distinctive flavor. Not smoked, no water is added. Tightly rolled into a Salame-like shape, it’s delicately seasoned and slowly aged to develop the special, traditionally Italian flavor so popular with chefs.
4oz (113g) pre-sliced package

Premium Roasted Ham Fresco ®

FrescoCookedHam Our own delicious version of a New York favorite. It’s 97% lean, high in protein and great flavor. Premium-quality pork plus slow-oven roasting ensure melt-in-your-mouth tenderness. Its honest, clean ham taste – mainly by itself in a toasted Ciabatta with a favorite spread.
6oz (170g) pre-sliced package

Mortadella Fresco ®

FrescoMortadella Ideal for enriching sandwiches, salads, Antipasti or as a flavorful cooking ingredient, e.g. with beans or potatoes. This delicacy is made by Citterio in the original, authentic manner. In classic brick ovens, delicate accents from selected spices are gently and slowly roasted into the pure, finely ground meat.
4oz (113g) pre-sliced package

Sopressata & Asiago Cheese Fresco ®

FrescoSopressataAsiago In this “combo” pack, the richness of this old-country style Salame is paired deliciously with the zesty, nut-like taste of Asiago. Ideal with marinated, roasted red peppers for Panini (grilled sandwich, Italian-style!) … an Antipasto… or for adding rich accents to salads, omelets, to pasta or pizza sauces.
6oz (170g) pre-sliced package

Genoa Salame Fresco ®

FrescoGenoaSalame Premium Italian-style Salame. Our own special version of this widely popular specialty. Aromatic spices are combined with medium grinds of choice pork cuts, then slowly aged to give this Salame its distinctive flavor and richness. Great in sandwiches; cut-up, it adds flavorful accents in a pizza or pasta sauce or tossed in a hearty country salad.
4oz (113g) pre-sliced package

Genoa Salame & Provolone Cheese Fresco ®

FrescoGenoaProvolone Another delicious, best-selling duo! Ideal for making Panini, a.k.a. grilled-cheese sandwiches “Italiani”! Or enjoy the combination of these popular ingredients in a Focaccia or Ciabatta with fresh tomato slices, and Italian artichoke spread. Enjoyable as is or grilled.
6oz (170g) pre-sliced package

Salame Milano & Fontina Cheese Fresco ®

Here’s a delicious combination for traditional Italian Antipasto. Julienned, they’ll add tasty Italian accents to a chef’s salad. They’re conveniently paired, too, for a Panino with fresh tomato slices and your favorite spread on Focaccia or a Ciabatta roll, as is or grilled.
6oz (170g) pre-sliced package

Hot Cooked Capocollo Fresco ®

FrescoHotCapocollo This is a slow-roasted pork shoulder cut, flavorfully coated with paprika and other spices. It’s ideal as a piccante option in a traditional Antipasto platter. Ribbons of Capocollo add zesty accents to steamed vegetables, in pasta or pizza sauces or in a chef’s salad with olives, fresh tomatoes, sweet peppers and Romano cheese.
6oz (170g) pre-sliced package

TaglioFresco ® Prosciutto di Parma

FrescoParmaThe official, five-point Ducal Crown on this Citterio package guarantees its authenticity and consistency. As the brand of the Consorzio del Prosciutto di Parma, the Crown certifies that this product was prepared, pre-sliced and packaged, in Parma, Italy, under the supervision of the “Istituto Parma Qualita” (IPQ), the agency in Italy for Parma Quality Certification.

• Thin slices of Prosciutto di Parma, also known as Parma Ham, are sealed in Citterio’s Italian version of the unique controlled atmosphere packages used for CITTERIO fresco® in the US.
• Parma Ham is 100% all natural… made only from specially bred and fed pigs raised in approved designated areas of North-Central Italy.
• These Prosciutti must be dry-air cured a minimum of 460 days.
• Prosciutto di Parma, with its unique flavor profile, most prefer to serve it as a traditionally Italian Antipasto: simply with fresh fruit, excellent bread and wine.
3oz (85g) pre-sliced package