Citterio Cubetti

These Citterio Cubetti are recipe-ready cubes. The 4oz package is ideal for adding to most recipes. You will enjoy discovering delicious ways to enjoy these Italian specialtiy items in a variety of recipes.

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Pancetta CubettiPancettaCubetti

Pancetta is usually referred to as Italian-style bacon – but there are significant differences! Pancetta is traditionally made entirely from the belly – “pancia” in Italian – of the pig while conventional bacon is usually taken from both the sides and the belly.

The important differences are that no water is added to Pancetta, that it is not smoked and that, generally, To produce our signature version of Pancetta, Citterio’s Salumieri carefully select only the highest quality imported cuts that are exceptionally and consistently lean. These are dry-rubbed with salt and our own recipes of spices.

The yield and flavor of Pancetta Citterio are much greater than that of ordinary bacon both because of the premium quality cuts that we select and because our Pancetta Citterio is naturally prepared according to traditional methods.
In fact, this combination of its unique flavor profile and its appetite-tempting versatility is why Pancetta Citterio continues to expand in popularity in this country.

In Italy, because it too is dry-cured and aged, Pancetta is often eaten without cooking pretty much as Prosciutto is enjoyed. However, it’s also widely used there as a flavorful cooking ingredient just as it has become popular in this country. These days, most issues of U.S. food magazines, newspapers and TV food shows regularly feature recipes calling for Pancetta.

Pancetta recipes are as creative as they are varied, ranging from spiking an apple tart to accenting a pizza. As one of its most popular uses, Pancetta is the essential ingredient for a classic Pasta Carbonara. Pancetta adds delicious dimensions to soups and chowders, salads, omelets, quiche and cooked vegetables. ProsciuttoCubetti

Prosciutto Cubetti

This remarkable Italian delicacy dates back to at least the 12th Century when it was, even then, cherished for its beautiful texture, color, fragrance and taste.

Today, Citterio Prosciutto is prized around the world as the finest and most exceptional available anywhere. Gourmets the world over recognize Citterio Prosciutto as a modern masterpiece.

Here in the United States, the Citterio Curing Masters treat each Prosciutto individually, taking the necessary time and care to ensure consistent quality and flavor.

All natural, no preservatives, nothing artificial. Masters concentrate on bringing out its pure, traditionally Italian taste and flavor. They do so through their intentionally unhurried aging program, up to one year or more.

Idea over pasta, or in sauces, with asparagus or other fruits or vegetables.

Speck Cubetti

Speck is a natural, wood-smoked version of Prosciutto, popular for centuries as Antipasto or in cooking. This noble delicacy originated in Italy’s far North but, today it’s appreciated the world over.

Our version is made from de-boned pig thighs that are cut into slabs, trimmed of excess fat, then seasoned with juniper berries and other aromatic spices. These are naturally cold smoked before being slowly dry-air aged for several months to develop Speck’s characteristic flavor and silky texture.

Speck is ready-to-eat as is, enjoyed as an Antipasto or to accent salads (e.g., arugula and chestnuts). It’s also a flavorful ingredient in cooked recipes (e.g., soups, pasta sauce or risotto, in a panini, frittata or omelet).