Citterio Salame

The culinary heritage of Italy is legendary and it has always been among the most popular in this country. Historically, and to this day, there's an almost infinite variety of classsic Italian Salami. Throughout the years, Citterio's Salumieri – the Curing Masters – have created a number of authentic masterpieces enjoyed here and abroad.

In this country, our Italian-trained Salumieri produce traditional Salami such as the Citterio specialties featured in the photographs. Distinctive and traditionally Italian in qulity and flavor, these Slami are best-loved for their authentic, sensitively spiced sweetness as well as for the pleasantly subtle flavor of slowly and naturally aged meat.

Another distinguishing characteristic of a typical Salame Citterio is its remarkable eye appeal. There is the crisp, clear definition of precision-ground, properly aged premium meat that enriches each Salame's flavor and texture

Sopressata Sweet


Citterio's signature version of a long-time favorite. Subtly seasoned, it's authentic with the taste and texture of coarsely ground cuts of fresh pork - typical of the traditional hand-cut specialties made in old-country farm kitchens. The rich, classic flavor is brought out by natural, deliberately slow aging. Equally delicius in an Antipasato or in a Panino.

Sopressata Hot

Sopressata Hot

Delightfully spicier version of the traditional Italian-style country Salame. It offers a pleasing counterpoint in Antipasto with Italian olives, marinated artichokes, Pecorino Romano cheese. Enjoy it as an accent in salads, omelets or pastas, on pizza or steamed vegetables. Really luscius in a Panino wiht roasted, sweet red pepper and Provolone cheese.


Genoa Salame


Premium, Italian-style version of this popular Salame. Citterio's is slowly aged to create its distinctive flavor and richness. Ideal for Antipasto, for sandwiches or, cut up, as an accent on a hearty country salad or in sauces for pizza, pasta or steamed vegetables.

Genoa Salame is availalbe in an artificial casing or a Natural casing.

Hard Salame




Chorizo : Spanish-Style


Citterio Chorizo is a tender, coarse grind dry cured chorizo in a natural casing made with select cuts of pork.




A premium blend of zesty spices and herbs are used to give our gourmet pepperoni a very unique flavor and taste. Ours is an unusually lean pepperoni, using select cuts of pork along with a small amount of beef for adding great texture to a pizza, sandwiches and salads. It serves as a great filling for stromboli and breads as well. But why stop there, add Citterio Pepperoni to your favorite dishes for a unique zesty flavor.

Pepperoni is available in Sandwich (Deli-style), Sliced and Stick.