Citterio Prosciutto

Prosciutto, domestic or imported from Italy, is traditionally enjoyed by Italians just with plain breadsticks or a crusty bread. Often it's accompanied with fresh melon, pears or figs.

Citterio began producing Prosciutto in this country in 1974. Our Prosciutto are dry-air aged for over one year, high in the clean, dry air of Pennsylvania’s mountains. Our own expert “salumieri” - Curing Masters specifically trained in the unique Citterio Traditions - hand-craft these Prosciutti with the same dedication to quality that has been established for well over a century. Their expertise is combined with the exceptional selection of premium meats available in this country to develop our distinctive, authentically Italian Prosciutti.



All natural. No preservatives, nothing artificial. Here in the States - just as they do in Italy - Citterio's Curing Masters concentrate on bringing out the pure, naturally sweet flavor of each Prosciutto. The distinctive Italian taste and flavor Prosciutto Citterio are perfected through their classic and intentionally unhurried aging program, up to a year or more.


Ingredients: Pork, Sea Salt.

Prosciutto di Parma


Also available from Italy is Citterio's internationally acclaimed Prosciutto di Parma. This is Citterio's own signature version of this delicacy which is branded with the official Ducal Crown of approval, a symbol of its unique excellence.

The official, five-point Ducal Crown on this Citterio package guarantees its authenticity and consistency. As the brand of the Consorzio del Prosciutto di Parma, the Crown certifies that this product was prepared, pre-sliced and packaged, in Parma, Italy, under the supervision of the “Istituto Parma Qualita” (IPQ), the agency in Italy for Parma Quality Certification.

Parma Ham is 100% all natural… made only from specially bred and fed pigs raised in approved designated areas of North-Central Italy.


• These Prosciutti must be dry-air cured a minimum of 460 days.
• Prosciutto di Parma, with its unique flavor profile, most prefer to serve it as a traditionally Italian Antipasto: simply with fresh fruit, excellent bread and wine.









Jamon Serrano


All natural.




Cppa Citterio is made from selected and seasoned pork shoulder butt, slowly and naturally aged to bring out the tenderness plus the full, robust flavor and aroma so popular in the Old World.

Coppa is a hearty alternative to Prosciutto in Saltimbocca, in an Alfredo pasta sauce, an omelet or a salad.

Available Hot (Piccante) or Sweet (Dolce).