Citterio Pancetta

The Citterio Pancetta is distinctive and traditionally Italian in quality and flavor, which is widely preferred by top chefs and home cooks.

Pancetta is usually referred to as Italian-style bacon – but there are significant differences! Pancetta is traditionally made entirely from the belly – “pancia” in Italian – of the pig while conventional bacon is usually taken from both the sides and the belly. The important differences are that no water is added to Pancetta, that it is not smoked and that, generally, Pancetta comes rolled in a Salame-like shape.

To produce our signature version of Pancetta, Citterio Salumieri carefully select only the highest quality imported cuts that are exceptionally and consistently lean. These are dry-rubbed with salt and our own recipes of spices, then tightly rolled into a Salame shape. The yield and flavor of Pancetta Citterio are much greater than that of ordinary bacon both because of the premium quality cuts that we select and because our Pancetta Citterio is naturally prepared according to traditional methods.

In Italy, because it too is dry-cured and aged, Pancetta is often eaten without cooking pretty much as Prosciutto is enjoyed. However, it’s also widely used there as a flavorful cooking ingredient just as it has become popular in this country. These days, most issues of U.S. food magazines, newspapers and TV food shows regularly feature recipes calling for Pancetta. And, they’re as creative as they are varied, ranging from using Pancetta in soft-shell crab Panini to spiking an apple tart or accenting a pizza.


pancetta cubes

fresco pancetta

Citterio Pancetta is available in:

Bulk Pieces

4oz Fresco Pre-sliced

4oz Cubetti Pre-diced.


Ingredients: Pork, Salt, Natural Flavors, Sugar, Spices, Garlic.