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Tradition. art. time. and passion...passione!

We consider these the most essential ingredients in every specialty that we make.

It began well over a century ago in 1878, when our parent firm was founded in Italy by Giuseppe Citterio. He began by creating the original recipe for Salame di Milano and went on to develop the exceptional Prosciutti and other distinctive Italian Salumi.

In the early 1970's Citterio established in this country a large and modern facility designed specifically for producing its authentically Italian specialties. High in the clean dry air of Pennsylvania's Pocono Mountains, our own specialists ‿master "salumieri" trained in the unique Citterio tradition ‿craft our specialties with the same quality for which the company is celebrated the world over.

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To this day, every one of our specialties is still made according to the time-honored methods perfected throughout many years in Italy. Of course, there is only one way for you to appreciate for yourself what makes Citterio specialties so exceptional; by seeing, feeling, tasting and enjoying them yourself.

One taste ‿and you'll know why the world's most celebrated Italian specialty meats come from Citterio!

Our Customers

Do you have a question, comment, recipe or photo you would like to share with us? If so, please send it to feedback@citteriousa.com and you could be featured on citteriousa.com.